SCUBABO is an underwater photography company and training centre that takes photos of divers, snorkelers, and the flora and fauna found on the Great Barrier Reef.

This role involves diving and snorkelling every day so a minimum requirement of Open Water Diver with any organization and swimming competency is necessary to begin this program.

We will provide you with all the training in order to complete the role and we cover the costs of the SCUBA diving certifications.

Scubabo offers a Dive Master Program or an Instructor Program. This program will involve being out on the water on our vessels taking photos of customers and the incredible wildlife we see out on the reef.

Our aim is to guide you to becoming a professional diver in the SSI diving organization. 

This is a PAID program that increases in allowance as the months progress.

Program Pathway

Dive master program

Begins at Open Water or any level above

We Provide

  • Advanced Certification level
  • Stress and Rescue Certification level
  • VET RSTC -Cross Recognition course
  • Dive Master Accreditation

Instructor Course Program

Begins at Dive Master level

We Provide

  • Open Water Scuba Instructors Course
  • Instructor Evaluation
  • All SSI materials


  • Dive medical
  • First aid, CPR C and O2
  • Mask, Fins, wetsuit

(can be purchased through us at very low cost)


  • Learning above water photography skills
  • Learning underwater photography skills
  • Diving up to 4 sessions a day
  • Workshops on camera maintenance and shooting techniques
  • Discovering the many outer reef locations on the GBR
  • Potential to join professional studio photo shoots
  • Potential to take part in freedive courses and training
  • Highly discounted rate on all major dive equipment brands

Program Outline

Step 1
  • Interview with SCUBABO management
  • Trial out on the boat, engage with customers, engage with the crew and see how everyone aligns. We are very selective with the trainees we take on as we are a small tight knit team
  • This program is designed to allow the trainees to explore all aspects of the marine industry. We want to ensure all those we accept into the program will become qualified to the highest standards and represent the core values of Scubabo.
Step 2
  • If the trainee is accepted into the program then they sign a contract and will be paid a remuneration fee for each day out on one of our vessels that go to the Great Barrier Reef
  • We include all training necessary over the course of the program in order to become a professional diver
    • This may include depending on your diver level:
      • Advanced Diver
      • Rescue Diver
      • VET Gov accredited rescue course
      • Dive guide
      • Science of Diving
      • ITC- Instructor training course
      • IE -Instructor Evaluation
  • Training will be conducted throughout the program (dependent on boat staff needs, this will be done when time is permitted) and the final dive level will be conducted at the end of the contract
  • We provide photography skills training and workshops to improve your abilities
Step 3
  • We require 90 working days on our vessels or other locations (freedive courses at lake Eacham) in order to complete the program
  • All training days count towards the 90 days as per your contract but are unpaid
  • This role is a sales based role as our business is built on the foundation of photo sales to customers
Step 4
  • At the end of the 90 working days we will help you in acquiring a role in the marine industry. Scubabo staff have been involved in the diving industry for over 15 years and have many contacts all around Australia and the world.

Future in the Marine Industry

Many of our trainees have gone onto various roles worldwide, including:

  • Professional photographers
  • Dive Instructors on day vessels and liveaboards
  • Skippers of dive vessels
  • Skippers of super yachts


  • We get you to either a divemaster accreditation level or Dive Instructor level
  • You complete 90 working days (typically 4-6 months to complete)
  • Photography centred position (take photos all day long)
  • Sales centred position (sell your photos onboard our vessels)
  • Receive potential extra training on studio shoots and freedive training

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